Monday, October 22, 2007

No War No Warming

No War No Warming, originally uploaded by isisDC.

We want answers!
We got one chance here!
The world could be burning!
We've got to be turning
to the solutions to war & pollution!
Phase out coal & oil & gas!
Safe nuclear power? Clean coal? My ass!
Reduce and then recycle and reuse!
Conservation first then renewable fuels!
Green jobs, good health!
Spread the wealth!
Corporations down to size!
Let workers rights rise!
Money for health care, not for war!
Tax the rich to help the poor!
Homes not jails, books not bars!
Bikes not bombs! Clean fuel cars!
Jobs in organic, wind & solar
help the poor while we're helping the polar!
Jobs in solar, wind & organic
help the people while we're helping the planet!

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Kelley said...

People should read this.