Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hempy Holidays--Gifts for my cousin Emily

In hopes that I can get her to join me by making hemp her New Year's Resolution, I got my cousin Emily hemp for Christmas: Dr. Bronner and Sun Dog's Magic Lip and Body Balm and a hoodie handmade in Duluth, MN, by Kristin of Phat Patch Clothes that I bought at Altered Statement.

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Anonymous said...

Alexis! I'm so glad you loved the new jersey hooded top! Kristin did a great job on that one. I can't wait to hear how the other jersey hooded top from Jay was recieved!
I do have to clarify about the Altered Statement hand dyed hemp fabrics that were used. They are not 100% hemp, but actually from our 55% Hemp/45% Cotton and Organic Cotton jerseys. The fabric is then hand dyed in low impact dyes and hand crafted by our artists into hand made clothing.
Thanks again for your support in buying from us, supporting independent artists and the demand for hemp fabrics! Thanks!
owner Altered Statement